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Current Version1.4

The server of Yes has a wiki! Whatever sounds interesting and works is in use for everyone to enjoy. We are in our next step after pushing away from the Tekkit packs. Though mods may be similar, we are running what mods we want, ready to add or remove any without waiting for a long chain of approval.

Working to use latest versions of the mods we are working to create a renewed sense of adventure and building, this pack works to keep Minecraft fresh, adding new content, while trying to keep it balanced in a way where we won't end our fun too early. With the skies open, the moon ready to be colonized (by force if need be) and dimensional mysteries to be plied, with tesseracts to be networked, “meat” to be processed, items to be digitized, and power suits to be manufactured, there is virtually limitless engineering projects to be assembled.

This page also aims to keep track of which mods are ready for the latest major minecraft release so we can easily keep track of which we are waiting for to help decide which to drop if any are taking too long.

About[edit | edit source]

The Pack of Yes[edit | edit source]

Players accustomed to using IndustrialCraft and RedPower setups should read the replacement guide to find out how to accomplish the same goals in new ways!

Modlist[edit | edit source]

Mod Version Author(s) 1.6 ready
Advanced Machines 4.9 AtomicStryker Yes
Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.7 SeNtiMeL Yes
Applied Energistics rv.11.e AlgorithmX2 Yes
Balkon's WeaponMod 1.12.0 BalkondeurAlpha Yes
Biomes O Plenty 0.5.7 TDWP_FTW, ted80, Amnet and Adubbz Yes
Buildcraft 3.7.2 SpaceToad, Krapht, and SirSengir Yes
ComputerCraft 1.53 dan200 Yes
CustomMobSpawner 2.2.2 DrZhark Yes
Diamond Buckets 0.98.c thorgot Yes
Dimensional Doors 1.4.1_RC1 StevenRS11 No
Ender Storage Ecu and chicken_bones Yes
Equivalent Exchange 3 pre1h Pahimar Yes
Flat Bedrock 1.1.1-34 PowerCrystals No
Forestry SirSengir Yes
Fossils and Archeology 5.1 4f6f3b No
Galacticraft 410 micdoodle8 Yes
Greg's Lighting 1.8.1 Greg Ewing Yes
IndustrialCraft 2 385 Jenkins Yes
IC2 Combo Armors 1.14.1 UnixRano No
Inventory Tweaks 1.54 Kobata Yes
Iron Chests 5.2.8 build 447 cpw Yes
Minecraft Comes Alive 3.3.5 WildBamaBoy Yes
MineFactory Reloaded 975 Powercrystals Yes
MiscPeripherals 3.3.5 RichardG867 Yes
Mo Creatures 5.2.3 DrZhark Yes
Modular Powersuits 534 MachineMuse Yes
Mystcraft XCompWiz Yes
Nether Ores 2.1.5 Powercrystals No
Not Enough Items chicken_bones Yes
ObsidiPlates Myrathi Yes
PowerConverters 2.3.1 powercrystals No
Rei's Minimap 3.3_06 ReiFNSK Yes
Secret Rooms 4.6.1 AbrarSyed Yes
Thermal Expansion KingLemmingCoFH No
Trade Booth 0.4 aeroc Yes
Twilight Forest 1.18.1 Benimatic Yes
Treecapitator 1.5.2.r12 DaftPVF and bspkrs Yes
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