How To Yes

Making the Main Page

Alright to follow form and structure, there is one simple outline to follow when making a new page.

|type = (If item is harvested with axe or pickaxe, if non just delete)
|stack = (How many can be in one stack) (ie Yes(64) or No)
|data = (Item ID in game)
|mod = (Add by which mod? Thermal Expansion? Vanilla. CHECK SPELLING)
(Description of item as needed)


{{Usage|u="Recipe used in"}}

After that is all said and done, making a recipe and images is all that's left.

Making the Recipe Page

First make a new page with EXACTLY the same name as the page we just made but with "/Recipe" added to the end (For example there is the page "Crescent Hammer" and it's recipe is at "Crescent Hammer/Recipe").

Go into source mode Then add add the code:

{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1= |B1= |C1= 
|A2= |B2= |C2= 
|A3= |B3= |C3= 
|Output= |OA= |Dev= }}
  • The "|A1=" "|B3=" and so on are where the recipe components are added.
  • "Output" speaks for itself (it's the item the recipe makes).
  • "OA" is the amount of Output items that the recipe makes (if the recipe only makes one output item, there is no need to add this)
  • "Dev" is an interesting option and isn't need. If you type "|Dev= yes" it will show a box above the recipe saying "This recipe is only usable in the current development release of Yessa Massa". If it isn't a recipe only usable in the current development release, just leave it out.

Here's an example:

 {{Grid/Crafting Table
  |A1= Iron Ingot|B1= |C1= Iron Ingot
  |A2= |B2= Silver Ingot|C2= 
  |A3= |B3= Iron Ingot|C3= 
  |Output= Crescent Hammer}}

That outputs:

Crescent Hammer

Iron Ingot

Silver Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Crescent Hammer

Adding a recipe to a page

This bit is simple :)

If you are adding the recipe to a page about the item in question, you just add:


NOTE: With a capital "R". NOTE: Add to item page, not /Recipe page.

If you are adding a recipe under a "Usage" section, you add:

{{Usage|u=*Item/Block name*}}

So, seeing as Iron Ingots are used in the recipe for Crescent Hammers, I would use on the Iron Ingot page (under the "Usage" section):

{{Usage|u=Crescent Hammer}}

And that would show the recipe for a Barrel.

Uploading "Grid" images

All of the above works assuming that the images have already been uploaded to the wiki. So what do you do when the image has not been uploaded?

First you check that what you have written is correct and that you are using the proper capitalisation.

If it's all correct, you can follow these steps and uploaded the missing images.

The Grid images are very easy to make. All you need to do is:

  • Take a screenshot of the item/block in you inventory (make sure you save it with a .png extension).
  • Crop it (using an image editing program) to 32px x 32px (i.e. to the light gray box)
  • Delete the gray background so that it is an "Alpha channel"
  • Then save it with the name "Grid_*item_name*.png"

After you have done that, you are free to upload your image to the wiki. As soon as you have uploaded the image, it will appear on all recipes that want it.

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